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Transforming hospital care through Augmented Reality with CareView AR*

EHR + CareView AR = Stronger Together

The hospital industry is starting to adopt Augmented Reality (AR) in care processes to improve quality of care and prevent mistakes. A healthcare-focused solution to manage AR-field interactions does not exist.



CareView AR, an augmented reality platform developed by Veaar, addresses this need for hospitals by extending the reach of EHR platforms into the AR space.


CareView AR* Platform

Improves delivery of care in hospitals by adding context-specific AR overlays in Smart Glasses with information from EHR, medication carts, alert systems and other sources.

Minimizes transmission of germs across patients.

Includes wrist band for gesture control and data input.

Transformational care ...
              .... from a new point of view


Provides a library of customizable templates.

Provides an easy to use, drag and drop editor of AR overlays that extends EHR’s and other systems’ reach into the augmented reality.

Hardware agnostic, works on Smart Glasses from different vendors (Vuzix, Google, etc.)

Available at: 

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By integrating with CareView AR, your EHR platform will have:


A custom, EHR- enabled library of AR workflow templates


Increased nurse RVUs achieved by reducing time spent on lookup of tasks, PPID, dispensing medications and many other actions


Interactive, EHR-driven actions and data points in AR 


A hands-free operation that results in a reduction in germ transmission


AR-enabled clinical workflows that can be customized through drag-and-drop AR interface editor


AR-based teleconferencing solution that's doesn't require any additional hardware


Workflow examples


EHR, Vitals, Notes

SmartGlass has patient-level context and EHR integration based on the room the nurse is working in, through either scan of patient ID band or RFID reader.

Basic recent vitals and lab results can be reviewed in SmartGlass display without logging in to the EHR.

Nurse can enter new flowsheet readings (weight, BP, etc.) through voice recognition.


CareView AR* Components

CareView AR Core and DB server components integrated with external platforms (EHR, smart carts, etc) via API

CareView AI to predictively display AR objects based on user action, location, workflow, EMR feed, etc

WiFi hospital network for connection between Smart Glasses and CareView AR Core

Smart Glasses with camera, for barcode and QR code reading

Wristband, smart ring or brain wave-sensor for hands-free control


Overview of an EHR with CareView AR Integration

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